FXPro Maker 2 对冲专家-10年资金稳定上升




Trading Pair: USD-JPY only (!). This is the critical point. All settings, TPs and steps were defined after

close research of dynamic of USDJPY movement for last 10 years. If you will change any value, we

cannot guarantee such performance and safeness.

Timeframe: does not matter.

Money Management:

Account size: $ 25 000

Leverage: 1:200, 1:400, 1:500

Lotsize: 0.01 (microlot)

Account size: $ 50 000

Leverage: 1:100

Lotsize: 0.01 (microlot)

Account size: $ 2500

Leverage: 1:200, 1:400, 1:500

Lotsize: 0.001 (nanolot IBFX)


0.1 lots generates 120-150K monthly

0.01 lots generates 12-15K monthly

0.001 lots generates 1,2-1,5K monthly


2008 backtest showed growth from 30K to 201K with fixed starting lotsize. Another backtest was

made with compounding option (0.01 per each 30K) and showed growth from 30K to 4M+ ...It's

just backtests, remember.

We backtest new ideas during 2008 mostly, because 2008 year had some extreme days for the

strategy (March trend, October trend and November trend) which I think is enough to see all market

condition we may see.

Live accounts:

We started to trade this model from 10th of Feb with account of $ 24 400. Total profit till now grew to

$ 32 624 which is 133,7 % for 2 months.

EA settings:

There is no need to change any settings, but just apply EA to proper MM. EA will not trade if you will

set low lotsize or deposit. You will get warning alerts and no trades will be set.

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